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October 08, 2008

Family Additions (knitting content also!)

During the many months since I had last blogged,  we made a couple of additions to the household.  Now, those of you that had been to the store will remember Tink, the abandoned kitten that became the store cat.  When the store closed, she came home with me full time.  Now Tink is a very tempermental cat.  There are times when she is quite loving, but the majority of her time is spent in solitude (completely her choice).  Tori has tried time and time again to get Tink to let Tori hold her and pet her, but to no avail.  So, this year, Tori begged and pleaded with her dad to let her get another cat (I have no problem adding another pet to the household as cats, in my opinion, are much easier to handle than dogs).  We finally wore him down and Tori, Madeline, and I drove out to a breeder to look at Maine Coons.  I chose this breed to make my husband happy (they are big cats) and make my daughter happy (they have a reputation for being very loveable).  The breeder had many kittens, both  Maine Coons and Savannahs. I had never heard of a Savannahs before, and didn't know anything about the breed.  But the cats were beautiful and friendly and big!  We were all taken with them, but had gone there to look at the Maine Coons, so we looked at those kittens instead. 

Being a good wife, I informed my husband that he would need to go to the breeder with us on the next trip and see the cats.  I wanted to make sure that the kitten chosen would be acceptable to him, after all, he was going to be paying for it!  So off we went again, out the to breeder to visit her cats.  The breeder showed us the kittens and the parents and we couldn't help but look at the Savannahs.  My husband saw them and decided no Maine Coons for us in the future, were getting a Savannah!  Well, I did do some research on this breed and we were at the breeder, so we had question and answer time!  We found out that they are a newer breed that is still in development.  They are very active and very loving.  Usually not a lap cat, but loved to be petted and play games.  They have many "dog-like" qualities, they will come when called, play fetch, and walk on a leash to name a few.  They are not for everyone.  The activity level with the earlier generations is much higher than the average cat.  After learning that little tidbit, I decided the two would be easier than one, I just had to convince John of this! So, we put a deposit down on one kitten, but had made sure that the other would be available too, just in case.

Upon our arrival home, Tori and I got on the internet to find out all the information that we could.  Armed with the new found information, we took it to Daddy (he was buying his baby girl a birthday present!) and showed him why two kittens would be better than one.  After much cajoling, he finally agreed and I called the breeder that night.  Here are our two new additions to the family:IMG_0536small Duma (Swahili for cheetah) on the left and Kima (Swahili for monkey) on the right.  They are much bigger now than in this photo, but I will be adding more current photos of them in the future.  They keep us on our toes, and Tink is not at all happy with the new arrivals. She is adjusting slowly but surely.  Since she believes that she is human, I am sure she feels we should have consulted her on this.

On to knitting.......I have made progress on my sweater.  I decided to make the cropped cardigan not so cropped.  When first reviewing the   IMG_0717small  measurements, I knew that I would make the sweater longer than the pattern instructions. Being in my forties, showing off my mid-driff is a bad idea!  With that in mind,  I have added two inches to the length of the sweater. So far, I have just completed the armhole decreases and used two balls of yarn.  I am staying on track to complete the back by the end of the week.

Madeline and I were comparing patterns and found out that we want to knit the same sweater.  We are going to start a little knit a long with the condition that I do not start the sweater until she returns from her honeymoon.  Something about me knitting too fast.  The pattern calls for Adrienne Vittadini's Natasha.  Reading its description on Knitter's Review, it sounds lovely to work with.  Since Adrienne Vittadini is discontinuing her yarn line, I decided to see if I could find some at a good discount.   I found Natasha on sale at CALYarn, a site that I have just discovered.  They seem very nice and I emailed them to place my order.  I hope to receive it today or tomorrow (will post pictures of what I get) .  We are also going to be knitting the sweater with Janice.  She started hers a while back, but will be picking it up again once she finishes her Christmas knitting. 

Wow! This is the second post this week.......maybe I will actually keep up my blog.  Hope somebody out there actually reads it!


What do you know?! There aren't very many of us in the world. It was weird to see your comment show up in my inbox as being from Violet. I thought, "What did I email myself?" :) It's nice to meet you.

The Other Violet

YOu should join Ravelry :-) There are sooo many patterns and forums..way better than Knitters Review :-) They kitties are sooo cute... I am suprised you found a local breeder for them. Have a great week.

I am so slow with my Christmas knitting this year, I may finish it for Valentines Day and still wrap it in Santa Gift wrap!!!

See me waving my arms wildly behind the crowd? I'm reading, I'm reading!!! :=) Maybe we'll be surprised with a visit from you to Chicks?

Thanks Deedee! I will try to make it to Chicks this week:) Wedding stuff is over, so I have more free time now. Will also post about the wedding later this week!

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