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October 13, 2008

Weekends are too short!

The weekend has come and gone, where does all of our time go?  Well, part of my weekend was spent at Great America in Santa Clara.  No, I didn't go on any rides.  What was that?  Why didn't I go on the rides?  Well, I was there for a cheer competition!!!  The first of many to come.  I will get to  Tori-GA  Tori and Sami travel at least once a month for the next 5 months to different competitions around the state, ending up at the National Championships is Anaheim at the end of March.  Sounds like great fun,   but it's not.  Not that I don't enjoy watching my daughter and her team compete, I do.  The problem is the rest of the time that you spend waiting while everyone else's daughters (and some sons) compete.  It usually ends up being an all day affair.  We could have gone on the rides, but DH and I were tired and had no motivation to walk all over the park.  Instead, we waited with Tori and the rest of her team, watching the other teams perform and waiting to hear the results.  For their first competition, Oakmont performed well.  Definitely room for improvement.  Once they look pretty good, I'll post a video for all to watch.

The rest of the weekend is always spent cleaning and doing laundry.  The normal things that More yarn everyone must do.  But, part of my cleaning involved going through my stash-and do I have a lot!  Now having owned a yarn shop, one would expect that I would have some yarn.  But, the yarn that I went through was everything that I had before the store.Yarn in basket I was amazed at some of the yarn that I found.  Much of it I had forgotten I had.  Unfortunately, I did not remember to write down what projects the yarn was purchased for.  If you noticed my sidebar, I have a list of goals from the site 43 Things.  One of my goals is to get my house organized.  So, by spending time of Ravelry, I can organize my stash of yarn, needles, books and patterns.  This will help me accomplish one of my goals!  And I can find patterns for all that yarn!  Nothing like finding ways to justify spending part of your Sunday playing in your yarn!

I was able to get some knitting done too.  I am now done with the back of my cable cardigan and have moved on the the fronts.  When knitting cardigans, I always knit both fronts together on the Sweater fronts same circular needle.  This helps me to have all the shaping done symmetrically.  I know that one of my weaknesses in knitting is not taking the best notes.  By working the fronts together, I don't have to worry about what row I started the decreases on the left so that I will start the decreases on the right on that same row.  I think that the biggest problem that I have is keeping my yarn from getting tangled.  


   For those of you that shopped at my store, I wanted to make sure that you didn't think that I have forgotten about Tink.  She is still here, ruling over the kittens and Nigel (my doggy).  She likes to perch on this banister so that she is able to see most of what is going on in the house.  She is still as bossy as ever and will only let certain people pet her when she is in the mood.  But, she is still my baby from the store.  My 'free' kitty-and the kitty that is the pickiest of Duma on desk the three when it comes to food.  Only the best for the free one!  The kittens will eat just about anything.  Speaking of the kittens, here is Duma on my desk.  He insists that he spend most of his time there, snapping at the mouse on the screen and lying on all of my paperwork.  Of course, he can only do that when Tink lets him.  He and Kima are getting spayed/neutered this week.  I wonder how we are going to keep them from running around the house once they get home?

As I noted above, I have joined Ravelry.  If you are a knitter or crocheter and have not joined, I highly recommend it.  I really don't have a lot of time for the forums, but there are many knit alongs and different knit groups to join.  They also have a database so that you can keep track of WIPs, upcoming projects, needles, books, and your stash.  I was pretty impressed with the site.  You do have to ask for an invite, but after waiting a couple of days, they email you and you're in.  Because I finally joined, I am now part of the Walker Treasury Project.  Check out the blog and find out more about it.  I am really excited about being part of that group.

I did want to say 'thank you' to everyone that has left me a comment.  Those are really appreciated.  It is nice to know that there is someone out there actually reading this blog!!


wow!! three posts in one month!!! i'm really in for a treat! :) welcome back to blogland! definitely glad to hear how you've been doing.

Awww... Miss Tink.. She is so cute...but mean as hell LOL :-) Duma is very pretty... I love their coloring :-) I love all the patterns Ravelry has in there data base..it is both fund and dangerous at the same time LOL

How do we find you on Raverly? Are you named Head Frog as I have called you for last 3 yrs or so. lol

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