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November 04, 2008

Back to Knitting.....

Close up pangeaNow that wedding has taken place, I can concentrate a little more on my knitting.  The picture to the left is a close up of my Pangea Shawl.  The pattern is well written and is pretty easy.  I would say that a beginning lace knitter, who has some chart experience, would be able to knit this.  The repeats are easy to memorize and I have been able to knit this easily when in public.  I should have this completed by the end of the week.  Hopefully, I will have pictures of the completed shawl, blocked and ready to wear, on Monday.  This will be the first Christmas gift completed.

I find it amazing that even though I have a metric ton of yarn in my house, I am still purchasing more!   Last Friday, I made an appointment to have my car serviced.  I planned the appointment Ultra alpaca-green knowing that I could just walk down the street and hang out at Filati's.  I even asked the service desk how long the appointment would last to make sure that I could spend time there!  I am glad that I did as I got to visit with Knitting Grammie and Alice.  I did buy some yarn as you can see on the right.  That is Berroco's Ultra Fine Alpaca.  Fingering weight yarn that can be used for socks or a special gift for someone!  I will be using this yarn specifically for a gift.  Of course, the receiver is a secret, but I am sure that this person will see the yarn and figure it out!  I am hoping to start this project this week.  I have finally picked out the pattern so I just need to wind it up.  Of course, I couldn't leave with out something for me:

Lace alpaca-blue  Ultra alpaca-blue

I seem to be on a blue theme with my yarn purchases lately.  I was at Filati's earlier this month and Tea shawl had purchased some Zephyr in a beautiful blue.  I have even started a project with it-Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace.  The picture is from Sunday and I have moved on to a circular needle now.  This one is for me.  I don't know if I will wear it, but it will be nice to look at!  I have been bad and haven't really worked on my sweater.  I am planning on getting the fronts finished this week unless this project really sidetracks me!  I really have a weakness for lace!

Did I mention that I am going out of town? We are going to Disneyland for the rest of the week.  My brother and his family planned this trip and their kids really wanted to see mine.  Why?  Well, believe it or not, my kids are wonderful with his.  My niece and nephew are 5 and 9, respectively.  They really enjoy spending time my teens.  Of course, this is because the teens are away from their friends!!  This will be the first time that my brother's family has been to Disneyland.  Should prove interesting.  We are all staying at our timeshare that is across the street from the park.  Looking forward to the trip as my husband refuses to fly to LA.  This should give me plenty of knitting time!  Don't ask why he refuses to fly.....just one of those things.  At least he is driving!


So good to have you back in both worlds, blogging and knitting. I do need to know your Raverly name. You know so I can stalk you!!

I have been MIA at Filati's too. I need to get over there!

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