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February 18, 2009

I'm a baaaad blogger!

I know I said that I would keep this blog more up to date.  I know that I did for a few weeks, then I fell off the wagon.  What can I say?  Life keeps me busy.....that and playing on Ravelry for hours.  I can look up patterns and find projects made with yarns that I own, chat with people that have similar interests as I, learn new techniques, and the list goes on.  Obviously I like this site and highly recommend it to all fiber artists!

I have also been knitting, quite a bit.  Here are some of the projects that I have completed:

Lyra center-blocked This is Lyra.  The photo shows the center of the shawl.  I made mine as more of a shawl than a tablecloth.  The diameter is 60" across.  Yes, that is huge.  What do I do with something that large, use it as a lapghan of course!  That is, if the cats aren't sleeping on it.  I know, I hear it all the time, "that's an heirloom!"  Yeah, but if no one uses it, why make it?  That's my practical side speaking.  If you would like to see more pictures of this project, go to my finished album.  I have the pictures up, just not any details on it yet.  Those should be posted soon, but don't hold your breath.

Aster-off center This next photo is of Aster.  This one is going to be used as a tableclothe.  Right now it is a chair cover.  Slightly smaller than Lyra, she  is 42" in diameter and is a circle, where Lyra I knit square.  I really should post more details, but I don't have that much time.  Both of these projects are patterns by the master lace designer Herbert Niebling.  Also, both of these are reprints of the original patterns and are available at Lacis.  This should save you an expensive trip to eBay as many of the originals are available there.  ( I know this as I am making someone in Germany very happy with my obsession).

One last project to show you, yes I have been busy. Spanish armada-center This is Spanish Armada by MMario.  Free Pattern!  Another lace project, but this one is a small afghan.  I used larger needles and worsted weight yarn.  Perfect for me, too small for John (hubby).  Still love it.  It sits on the loveseat in our bedroom and I use it when I watch TV.  I have no idea what the dimensions are on this one.  I just blocked it out as large as it would go.  I think it is somewhere around 55".  Perfect for someone's lap, but not something that would completely cover you. 

So, that it is for now.  I will try to post once a week, but no promises!!!  I do get to go out tonight and knit.  Since it is Wednesday, Chicks with Sticks will be meeting at Panera.  I am also meeting with Madeline and Lew for dinner before.  Lew would like to come and see the ladies (and sometimes one or two gentlemen) that knit there.  We have told him to bring some things to show off.  Hopefully he does.  While there, Sophie should be delivering Girl Scout Cookies!  Yay!