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October 29, 2010

Designing a blog......

I'm still playing around with this blog's design.  I haven't really settled on one and the current one is just an experiement.  I have another one that I am working on, more girlie colors.  Probably more in tune with a knitting blog. 

I have really been thinking about going back to blogger.  Why?  Well mostly all of the free backgrounds out there.  Makes changing you blog to go with the seasons really easy.  I haven't been really enamored of the designs that typepad has to offer (sorry typepad) and free is really nice (Blogger is free).  At the same time, I do like having all of my stuff (pictures, posts) in the same place.  With Blogger, I would have to host all pictures elsewhere.  Yes, I know that there are places to do that for free, but I don't have to worry about not having enough space.  Oh well, looks like I will be staying with typepad for now.

I should think of this as an opportunity really.  I can create a template all my own here on typepad.  I can also have all of my blogs in one place.  Yes, all my blogs.  I have had lots of things rambling in this head of mine.  Things I would like to share that is not always appropriate on a knitting blog.  So, if you would like to hear my ramblings, here are my other blogs:


My Inner Geek

I just started these, so I am still making them all kinds of pretty.  If you have the chance, check them out.


Three blogs?? You must have some free time LOL I havent seen you post in forever :-) Miss you!

Scary, huh? Actually the knitting blog is the hardest to post to because I have upload my pictures and that would mean I would have to take pictures first :)

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