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December 12, 2006

No Rest for the Wicked

Busy, busy, busy!  Not only is it the "most wonderful time of the year", it is also the time of year when lots of yarn is arriving.  Yesterday we received 5 boxes.  Here are four of them:

Manos New_from_skacel More_manos        Nikki_from_cascade

Two boxes of Manos, one box of Nikki from Cascade, and two boxes of luscious Divine, Adiago, and Bambou Soft from Skacel.  Of course, anytime we receive more boxes of yarn, we have lots of customers in the store.  I am finally getting a much needed break, so I thought I would blog a bit. 

Onto my knitting:  I have finished Bristow!  Actually, I finished it two weeks ago.  I just haven't gotten around to taking a picture of it. I think that part of the reason that I haven't posted a pic is that I am not that satisfied with the results.  I don't want buttons, so I have frogs on the front instead.  I keep thinking that I should put more frogs on, but then the front will be too heavy.  I have also considered putting a zipper on, but then I would have to sew that.  That would mean that the sweater would never be done.  Decisions, decisions.  I think that I will just be leaving the frogs on and be done with it......That would mean I could work on other projects. 

Speaking of other projects, I am also almost done with the Provincial Waistcoat.  I have to seam the front, sew the buttons, and weave in my ends.  Whew!  I do have to say that I was a bit confused at first about seaming the front.  When looking at the vest in the picture, it looks like a regular vest with buttons.  However, because the vest is so fitted, the front is actually seamed to look as if it is buttoned.  I would have probably known about the seaming the front had I actually read the pattern first, but what fun would that be?  Part of the finishing work includes knitting the front bands with buttonholes.  The bands are then sewn to overlap as if the front has been buttoned, with the buttons sewn in after the seaming is complete.  This should be completed later this week.  Everything has been completed except for sewning the bands and buttons and weaving in the ends. 

I have also started this sweater. Garnstudio_sweater_1 It is basically a giant doily with sleeves.  The pattern is very easy and free online.  I was lucky enough to see this made up (thanks JJ) and decided that it would be perfect for me.  There is very little finishing work involved, which I just love!  I will only need to block and weave in the ends when all the knitting is complete.  The yarn I chose for this project is Cascade's Venezia.  It beautiful merino/silk blend with a great hand.  Again, I promise to post pictures later this week.

One last thing:  I do have to brag about my baby boy.  Johnny had his banquet for OHS varsity football last Thursday.  He was voted the MVP of the defensive line!  I am very proud.  He was also voted 2nd team all league for the second time and was second in the league in sacks!   It was sooo worth freezing Friday nights watching him play.  Great Job baby boy!

December 11, 2006

Open House

Open House for the store was Friday and I am still recovering!  It was great fun having people here late.  We ate, knitted, talked and shopped to our heart's content.  Thanks to Courtney for taking pictures for me.  She graciously volunteered.  If you would like to see the pics, click here.  I will post later this week and show you all of the knitting that I have accomplished!

November 29, 2006

Slow to Post

I have been wanting to post for the past week, but haven't had the time.  Well, I did have some time last Wednesday.....I actually closed the store and took time off, but I was busy sitting around in my pjs knitting for most Provincialmagof the day.  Yes, I took a day off and I actually knitted....something for myself/the shop.  This is what I am working on now.  It is the Provincial Waistcoat from Interweave Knits Winter 2006.  Since I usually am too hot to wear actual sweaters, I thought that this would be nice to have to wear in the store with my long sleeved tees and Pb220006turtlenecks.  So far, the pattern has kept me interested and Iam making decent progress.  This is how far I got last week.  I am now past the waist and am working on the bust increases.  I wouldn't recommend the pattern for a beginner, it is geared more towards the advanced beginner/intermediate knitter.  So far, I have only run into a few Pb220015spots were more information would have been nice, but other than that, the pattern is working out fine.  Here is the detail of the cable and twisted stitches.  I decided to make the vest out of Tibet from Ornaghi Filati.  This is a tweedy wool blend that is nice to work with and has a nice stitch definition. 

I also worked on my Bristow sweater.  The sleeves are complete and I blocked the pieces.  You can see how I blocked them by clicking here.  I show how to steam block in this photo album.  I chose steam blocking because it is quick, however I feel that it is not as effective as wet blocking. The sweater is actually completed, but I am not sure that I like the frogs that I chose as its closure.  I am contemplating adding a zipper instead, but since I really don't want to sew one of those on, the frogs may stay.  I will post pictures of the sweater later this week.   

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I will leave you with this 1st_loaflovely picture of my daughter's first loaf of bread.  She baked and cooked all day long with me for Thanksgiving and learned to make pie crusts and home made bread.

November 09, 2006

This Just In.....

Victorianlace We got it!!! Finally!  Everyone has been asking for this book since Knitter's Magazine Fall 2006 was sent out.  Of course I am talking about Victorian Lace Today.  The book is beautiful......lots of lace patterns that I haven't seen before, beautiful photos of the lace and places all over the UK.  So far, I would have to say that it is a winner.....have already sold several copies and it just came in yesterday.  I am only excited about this book because it is lace...and I love to knit lace.  I think that I will have to have a knit a long in the store for this book so that I can knit something out of it....just don't know what I am going to do yet.......there are soo many to choose from.  Then I would have to decide on what yarn to use....this could get interesting!!!

Well, I am off to Johnny's football game......they are playing on a Thursday since tomorrow is a holiday.  This is really going to screw up my sleep schedule.  If they beat the Roseville Tigers, and Rocklin beats Woodcreek, Oakmont could be going to the playoffs.  That would extend the season. This should be interesting!

May 31, 2005

Painting the Shop

Ok, as promised, here are the painting pictures!  Before This is the shop before we started any painting.  As you can see, it is just a regular rectangular retail space.  Plain beige walls.  Not enough light.  We actually had our landlord add the center strip of lights.  Kaedean and I were both concerned about the amount of light in our shop, so we asked for the lights and decided to paint the walls ourselves. 

Now of course, we had some help.  Sandy and Jill that we know from our knitting groups came to join us.  Also there to help was Kadedean's husband Eric and my wonderful son Johnny. Jande You can see the two of them in the picture below.  Eric is in the foreground and Johnny in the background.  We were very fortunate to have them as they are both tall (over 6') and have stamina, since this took us the better part of the day!

Almostdone This shot gives you a better idea of the difference a coat of paint can make.  See how much brighter the room looks.  The color we chose was beach glass from the Martha Stewart collection, using Behr paint from Home Depot.  This color worked out perfectly as it is not too blue and had just enough green to keep it interesting! 

As you can imagine, painting can be tiring work.  This is one of my favorite pictures.Layingdown  Jill is lying down on the job!  Actually, she is painting the trim along the base boards.  Eric is having lots of fun painting with the power roller that we were lucky enough to use.  Thanks Pat! (Kaedean's mom was kind enough to loan it to us.)

We also have this daredevil shot of us on the ladder.

Jillandviolet_1 Yes, that is me on the left, Jill on the right.  For more pictures, click here to see the photo album.  Thanks to Sandy for all of the pictures.  I had left my camera at home!

Now, I have been doing some knitting.  I have actually done a test pattern for a fellow knitter/business owner.  Jen from Figheadh let me try out one of her patterns.  I got to play with the cable and lace socks patternImg_0873 It was lots of fun and she was extremely patient with me.  Since I have been so busy with the store, it took me much longer than expected.  I can usually pump out a pair of socks in a couple of days.  Not this time!  I took forever.  But now they are done!  Not the best picture, but they are definitely beautiful socks!  I knit them in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Somerset colorway.  I used size 2 DPNs, my favorites are Inox.  They came out perfect!  Now I think I will try them in a different color.   That's all for today.  I have much more to post but that will have to wait for another day.  Please be patient with this new blog as I have a lot to update from my previous blogs, so if you don't see a link that I had before, give me time.  It will eventually show up!