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November 02, 2008

The Big Day (very long post)

Sorry that it has been so longsince the last post.  Still recovering from the wedding.....and it wasn't even mine!!  Seriously, since I had taken time off of work and had left the family at home to fend for themselves, I had a tremendous amount of work and housework to do.  So here was the week in San Francisco for Madeline and me, leading up to the wedding.

We left early Tuesday morning for the city.  Sam was kind enough to drive us as Madeline and he had a meeting with the rabbi in Berkley.  Since Madeline and I were going to spend a majority of our time preparing for the wedding (at least that is what we told everyone!), she packed the car with everything that we would need: wedding programs, out-of -town guest gift baskets, favor making supplies, the ketubah, and much more.  I was lucky enough to be able to bring my suitcase and some knitting!  Fortunately, I am used to being packed in the car with little room for long trips, so I was able to make myself comfortable.  We made it to Berkley in good time and Sam dropped me off at Pete's so I could knit and drink coffee while waiting for them to have their meeting with the rabbi.  I got to work on my cropped cardigan while waiting.  So nice to knit without interruptions!

Our original plan was to have Sam drop us off in San Francisco at my timeshare so that he could go to work (in his Oakland office).   Madeline and I knew that we wouldn't need a car while in the city, so that seemed to be the best option.  Once we realized the amount of items that we would need to schleep around until we could check in, we knew that this would not work.  So, Madeline and I dropped off Sam at the office and proceeded to drive to SF and the timeshare with no map and no GPS to guide us.  Since Sam was driving, I just assumed he would know how to get to where we were going or would have directions, (I did email the link to the timeshare, complete with address and directions) but there were no directions printed out and he only had an idea of how to get there.  But, he did give us directions to the freeway and told me which ones to take.  Once Madeline and I got on the road, we were able to muddle through.  Fortunately, we have driven around there enough to figure out what we were doing.

After finding the timeshare and finding a place to park (there is a garage across the street), we went to the timeshare to see if we could at least unload the car.  It was only 10:30am so I doubted that we could check in.  To my great surprise, they made some changes so that we could check in.  We were so happy....and it only took two trips up to the room to unload all of the packages (with the help of the bell hop of course!).  We spent our time after that finding a place to eat and exploring the city. 

Artfiberssign Since we were in the city and Madeline and I are both yarn addicts, we spend part of one day visiting some yarn shops.  This type of shopping is a necessity as the brideArtfibersyarn is under much stress and it was my job as the Matron of Honor to keep the bride happy (nice reasoning, huh?).  Also, since I had never been to Artfibers before, and they are closing their location, it was very important for us to make this stop.  Of course, you go to a shop that sells unique yarns by the cone (or you can wind off what you need) and they are on sale, well, any self-respecting yarn addict is going to pick up a little something, or maybe a cone or two!   Not that I need any more yarn as I had a shop and have a stash, but I just couldn't resist.  I am sure that I will find something to make with these.  I would highly recommend stopping by this shop before it closes.  The sales person that was working that day was extremely nice and very helpful.  So sad to see the retail store close.

We also ventured into Berkley to visit Lacis.  We took BART, got on the wrong train, but eventually made it.  Lacis is right across the street from the BART station so we didn't have far to walk.  Now this trip was a necessity.  Madeline wanted me to crochet Sam's Kippah, and I needed the crochet cotton and hooks to make this.  We had ask the salesperson at Artfibers where we should go, and Lacisyarn she suggested Lacis.  Well darn!  Guess we had to go!  The store is beautiful.  I did find some things other than crochet cotton.  I was very excited to see cones of Zephyr, so I had to get one of those.  I also picked up some DMC Cebelia.  More lace in my future!  Madeline picked up a lace hanky for her big day (definitely will need that!).  There is much to see at this shop, but I was disappointed in the sales staff.  There were four people "working" that day, but only one greeted us.  (Madeline and I were the only customers in the store.)The others were mostly chatting amongst themselves.    We were also asked to leave early as one of the staff had to leave and they were closing up early.   I would definitely visit this shop again as the displays of vintage lace are extraordinary.  But, I know that since the owner of the shop has passed on,  I will have to go in knowing what I am looking for an expect little to no assistance.

Madeline and I did do other things beside shop for yarn.  We also just shopped!  Bloomingdales had its big sale for Charity.  Donate $$ to your favorite charity (they had a list) and it got you a Joshbell2 ticket for 15-20% off throughout the store.  They also had different events going on throughout the store.  Madeline and I were very excited about one particular event (aside from the sale).  We got to meet Joshua Bell!  (That's him sandwiched between the two of us.  I am standing on my tip toes!)  We picked up his latest CD, Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, and he signed them!  He was very nice and quite cute and put up with us (that is saying a lot).  Then after meeting him, we went shopping.  No need to go into what we got, let's just say that we had a very good time!

Much of our days were spent exploring our surroundings and shopping.  Our evenings were spent making a Kippah, tying ribbons on the programs, and putting together gift baskets and favors.  By the time my family joined us, we had some things done, but much more to accomplish.  Tori was a great help.  She stayed up late and helped, even though she was very tired.  I am proud to say that she complained very little and helped out a great deal.  Not the same child she was six months ago!!

Katubah signing The wedding itself was beautiful.  Before the actual ceremony, Madeline and Sam signed their Ketubah.  This is very different from my Catholic wedding 20 years ago.  John didn't get to see me until I walked down the aisle.  In a Jewish wedding, the contracts are signed before the wedding ceremony.  Madeline Madeline looked so beautiful!  She was very much the blushing bride.  Of course, Lew's chuppah was used in the wedding ceremony.  Hopefully, I will figure out how to pull pictures off of our video camera and post them later.  The entire wedding celebration was held at the Bridesmaids Sir Francis Drake in Union Square.  The Ketubah signing was in a conference room upstairs, while the wedding ceremony and cocktail reception were held on the mezzanine.  The dinner reception was in one of the ballrooms on the second floor.  The food was wonderful.  The hotel's restaurant, Scala's, catered the event.  I was very surprised that a catered meal for 140 people could taste sooooo good.  The people at the Drake were very good to work with.  Being the Matron of Honor meant that everyone had to report to me if there were any questions.  Of course, I would go to Madeline and ask her what she wanted, but this way she didn't have more people wanting her attention. 

Now Madeline and Sam are married and on their honeymoon.  Where are they going?  Well, they have to suffer through a Mediterranean Cruise.  I did volunteer to save Sam from all of that pampering, but for some reason he wanted to be there with his bride.  Imagine that!  I am very happy for Madeline.  Best wishes to the Bride and congratulations to the Groom!!

August 16, 2007

Where have you been? (warning-long post)

That's a question that I have been getting a lot lately.  Where are you? or How are things going? Well.....since my last post eons ago, there has been a lot happening.  Many people know that I closed the retail location of my store.  Why you ask?  well......it's a long story. Here is a synopsis:

My ds (darling son) turned 17 last summer.  This, of course, endowed him with the knowledge of all things.  (I am sure that anyone with a teenager has heard, "I know!" ) Well, we (my DH and I) started hearing more and more of that.  I think that all of his teenage wisdom caused him to ignore many of the things that we had taught him: go to school, respect others, stay away from drugs and alcohol. Now since both DH and I worked many hours, both at home and away, ds decided that he could get away with cutting classes, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and not respecting his parents, teachers, and coaches.   At first, it started off just a little indiscretion here and there.  Unfortunately, it escalated as time went on. 

As a parent, you always want the best for your child: go to college, get a job, start a family (hopefully in that order!).  We had reached a point with ds that finishing his junior year of high school was going to be an unattainable goal.  So what's a parent to do???  That's when the discussion of closing the store started and eventually became  a reality.  How were we as parents going to help our son make the correct decisions?  or at least reasonable ones? What sacrifices were going to be made?  And we couldn't forget about the other teenager living in the house.  How was she going to be affected by all of this?

So the decision was made:  close the store, move whatever was left to the house and move the store completely online.  Easier said than done.  The first couple of weeks I would burst into tears if anyone asked me why I was closing.  As the store went from busy to crazy busy, I actually started to look forward to closing.  Why? I really felt I needed to be home.

Well, to make a long story short, after much conflict, ds left home right before his 18th birthday.  He decided that he would be fine on his own.  Great, I was home and the reason I decided to stay home had walked out our door.  And he still had summer school and his senior year to complete.  At this point I completely withdrew from everyone that was not family or a close friend.  I really wanted to strengthen the family by spending my time with them.  I think I was also depressed.  I felt overwhelming sadness at the loss of contact with my son and also felt that I had failed him.  And I regretted opening the store.  I felt that I should have waited until my kids had moved out before investing all that time into my store.  I also didn't want to see all of my knitting friends as the questions regarding what was happening with my son would always come up.

Now, a couple of agonizing months later, my son has come home.  The sadness that I had felt has gone.  Do I still have regrets?  Of course I do.  I think I always will.  But things are looking up.  The kids start school next week and both are attending.  I am starting to work on my website more and am actually thinking about knitting again. And I am feeling better about sharing what has been happening.  I had been wanting to blog for months, but I think that the feelings were too raw.  I really didn't want to share.  I had so many people asking what was happening, and I didn't want to deal with their questions.  I felt that if I was going to blog, I should let people know what has been happening. 

Now that I have posted this, maybe I will actually be more consistent.  I do have more time to blog.  Since the store is online, I have fewer interruptions and distractions.  We'll see!   

May 22, 2005

New Home

Well, I am going to do it.  After much debate, I am moving my blog to Typepad.  Now comes the hard work of transferring everything here.  This and the new store should keep me very busy!